‘HALF OF A YELLOW SUN’ & ‘PARADISE LOST’ (tres poemas de Yohanna Singfuri Daniel) – Words Rhymes & Rhythm

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We swim in sea of our sweat
Thinking our end is near,
Our hope keeps its head
Above water to stay afloat.
We watch tempest swallow
The sea of our trouble,
It weds our struggle,
It builds our hopes a hollow.
We fancy the face of hope
That lights the face
Of our hopes and dreams;
We pray to live before we leave.
Night after night, we watch
And pray, for the city
Of the rising sun
To come like Jesus Christ.
Nza, its current draw our fears
To its shore where we find
Ourselves singing the anthem
Of the city of half a yellow sun,
Where we find our lips
Singing songs of fallen heroes.
No more there was a country,
  Soul brother.

Out of its free will,
The spirit of our spirits
Takes a work in the day
In search of itself,
In search of truth,
In search of This God
That those gods in white ropes
Teach during mass,
And cheat after mass.
Does God allow gods
To preach love
& show hate
In the name
Of holy communion?

These gods walk by race
Not by grace;
The ear of our ears longs to hear
Of this race
That fails to cast down
Those parish hooligans who listen
To fresh pumpkins'
Confessions in sheets,
Who map out bosoms
Of sisterly pumpkins,
Who thrust milky water
Into anus of white cocks,
In the holy name of incubus,
In the holy name of succubus.

Yohanna Singfuri Daniel es activista social, poeta, artista de la palabra hablada y maestra del estado de Gombe. Sus trabajos han aparecido o se publicarán próximamente en Parousia Magazine, Upwrite Magazine, Poemify Magazine, Words Rhymes & Rhythm, Spillwords Magazine, Fifth Chinua Achebe Poetry/Ensay Anthology, The Markas y otros. Daniel es miembro del Club de Artistas UNIMAID, la Sociedad Literaria de Borno y el Capítulo del Estado de Borno del Movimiento Arewa Libre de Drogas. Bebe arábica mientras vierte su corazón en un papel. Escribe desde Rivers, Nigeria, y tuitea en @DanielSingfuri.

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